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Join the SDA as an organization and ensure that your staff is well trained and taking advantage of the industry’s best practices. With webinars and other training events, your talented professionals stay on the cutting edge of this booming industry.

Having a membership in the SDA will open the door to a nationwide community of like-minded professionals. We offer unique networking opportunities, access to exclusive events and online discussions, and digital publications that will keep you current. 

Join us and see how we can help your operation flourish!

Recruitment & Retention

Include an SDA membership as part of your benefit package for new associates. Memberships stay at each location. When there is a change in membership, the administrator at your location can easily make any adjustments need.  


Membership for up to five people per location

One complimentary annual conference registration

One complimentary annual conference registration

 $420 Value


One complimentary annual conference registration

One complimentary annual conference registration

One complimentary annual conference registration

$900 Value


SDA membership resources are valuable to any organizations. All memberships are for 12 months from the day you sign-up.   

As a member you will receive:

  • Subscriptions to Senior Dining News (digital newsletter)
  • SDA Food Safety Alerts brings an extra layer of protection for you & the guests you serve.
  • Free webinars & SDA chats SDA chats are moderated small group discussions for members to brainstorm, get advice and share experiences
  • Member Contests Only SDA members can participate in our monthly contests.
  • Discounted pricing for live educational events and SDA annual conference & expo registration.
  • Networking opportunities with industry partners and local operators, leveraging the knowledge and relationships needed to maintain your business standards.
  • Best practice forums & online collaboration - collaborate and discuss operational trends and best practices with your peers in our online discussion group. Need advice on conducting a successful food committee meeting? Now you have a forum to ask.
  • Awards & recognition program - acknowledgement of individuals and businesses who sustain excellence and set the standard for our future. 
  • Participation in multiple benchmarking studies to help maintain the standard of excellence across the industry and ensure its evolution as the senior housing community grows.
  • Annual membership from the initial registration day.
  • SDA Logo - Use the SDA Logo on your website and show your customers you're passionate about dining.

Premium Membership Rates

Annual membership for organizations that own, operate and or manage multiple locations.

Premium membership for up to five people per location with unlimited locations added on at no extra cost. 

Cost $6,500 


Membership for up to five people - $420

1 complimentary annual conference registration - $900

50% Discount SDC unlimited job postings - $1750

Total added value = $3,070

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