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SDA Workgroup the Future of Senior Dining


SDA Workgroup the Future of Senior Dining is innovation and ideation through collaboration. We are senior dining professionals and senior living industry partners committed to sharing best practices and uncovering solutions for the future. Collectively, we share our knowledge and create new approaches to common challenges. Together, we’re one step ahead of the curve. Network, discover, and learn with us.

Join us in Chicago October 15 - 17, 2019 for our first SDA WORKGROUP.

Together Discovering Solutions for IDDSI 

At the SDA Workgroups we will



 challenges the senior housing community faces  



on ideation and solutions



action-oriented steps to address challenges and concerns 



 and connect with other industry professionals



 realistic information and ideas in an organized format to aid professionals and organizations alike 



relationships with peers and industry partners to maximize our results 

The Future of Senior Dining

Senior Dining Workgroup

Join us for Innovation & Ideation Through Collaboration.

The mission of the Senior Dining Association is to bring industry partners and operators together to enhance the dining experience for their guests. One way we can forge ahead into the future is to collectively discuss and determine solutions to the problems we all face in our communities each and every day. 

The SDA Workgroup is an exciting new initiative through the Senior Dining Association. These multi-day and in-depth events will offer operators and industry partners a chance to come together face-to-face to discuss challenges and uncover thoughtful solutions. Attendees will leave with action-oriented steps that can be taken and implemented back in their respective communities. 

These strategies and solutions will enhance the field of senior housing and dining, while preparing each one of us for the future. Outcomes from these SDA Workgroups will be presented at the 2020 SDA Conference as an educational track session. 

Twice a year per topic, the SDA Workgroups will offer SDA members, operators, and industry partners a chance to meet in-person, discuss industry challenges, and brainstorm new solutions.  

These workgroups are for sharing ideas and developing solutions  for the senior housing industry. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact the SDA at or Phone: 980-434-1114.  Space is limited