When I created the Senior Dining Association two years ago, I saw an opportunity to establish a community where none existed.

I saw needs within the industry—for education, resources and advocacy—and the SDA stepped in. We have made a great start in our first year, but there’s much yet to be done. I invite you to invest in yourself & your people and join us. Together we can take senior dining to new a level of excellence and give it the prominence it deserves.

It will also launch an ambitious year two for the SDA. In the coming months we will focus on emphasizing the place of senior dining within the larger hospitality industry. In past years, many have viewed senior dining as part of the healthcare world rather than the hospitality world; we aim to change that by creating educational events focusing on all aspects of senior dining.

We will also strive to strengthen professionalism and create informational resources within senior dining. These efforts will include the creation of benchmarking standards and white papers for the senior dining industry.

And, of course, we will continue the SDA programs that have worked so well in our first year. 

We will continue to offer education for executive directors, dining directors, chefs and industry professionals. As always, you will be able to choose trainings that best fit your needs, whether they be webinars and chats you can join from your home or office, or intensive live trainings that allow you to focus all your attention on picking up new skills and information.

In the coming year, you will also have a chance to bring SDA trainings to you, whether it be in your region or in your specific location.

So please bring yourself and your people into the SDA community. You’ll never have a better opportunity to support your own business and participate in the future of senior dining around the country.

Thank you for your support,

Harris Ader

Founder & CEO

Senior Dining Association