Senior Dining Association

Nothing ensures the success of a senior dining operation like a well-trained staff, and nothing ensures your success in this fast-growing industry like having the right skills. The SDA offers industry-leading training opportunities for old pros and beginners alike. Whether you want to learn a new job, polish up a few rusty techniques, or catch up on the latest in industry trends and best practices, our expert trainers will have you doing a great job.



Beyond The Kitchen

Maybe you’ve finished orientation at your first job as a chef or dining director, or maybe you’re an old pro with decades of experience. Either way, you’re not done learning.

Senior Dining Association training for dining directors and chefs will keep you at the top of your game, teaching you best practices, filling in gaps in your culinary education, and showing you where your industry is headed in 2019.

Chefs and dining directors are some of a senior community’s most important team members. Dining is your community’s biggest selling point—and its second biggest expense—so the success of your dining program may well determine the success of your community.

Here are a few of the areas we cover in continuing education for dining directors and chefs:

· Menu Development. We show you how to increase choice without increasing cost.

· Cost Control. A lot goes into managing your program’s bottom line. Topics here include purchasing, waste reduction, overproduction and evaluating staffing patterns. 

· Leadership Development. Your success depends on your staff and your colleagues. Learn how to inspire your staff and communicate more effectively with other department heads. 

· Improving Consistency. Inconsistencies in your program hurt your residents and your staff alike. Learn how to correct and prevent inconsistencies.

· Systems Development. Learn how to develop systems that boost your understanding and effectiveness.

Please join us in 2019 and let us show you how to make your dining program a happier, more efficient and more profitable place.

Training Testimonials

Amazing meeting, highly recommend for anyone that has any interactions in senior dining.


Christi White 

Area Business Development Manager 

US Foods

The SDA sales training captured everything and more, and far exceeded my expectations. I now feel like I have a better understanding of the challenges, tasks and vision that food service professionals face while trying to escalate Senior Dining.


Becky Smith 

Project Executive

Clark Foodservice Equipment

Senior Dining Association is an association opportunity to learn and develop in your profession. Harris Ader pulled together a very informative and collaborative meeting.


Elizabeth Mason 

CSM, National Sales 

US Foods


We Understand

Dining is the most important—and the most criticized—area of a senior community, yet executive directors rarely have an adequate understanding of their dining operation.

To put it bluntly, running a dining program is completely different from running a building. If you want your community to be successful, you need to know what makes a dining service both popular and profitable, and you need to put systems in place to better monitor and manage your dining program.

Dining is your community’s second-largest cost, but how do you know if that budget is being used wisely? How do you know that your dining program is doing everything it can to put your community in a positive light? And how do you know whether you have the right people on staff to accomplish your goals?

Senior Dining Association training for executive directors gives you the background you need to ensure a successful dining operation. 

Training for executive directors prepares you to:

· Improve dining standards.

· Make the most of your food budget. 

· Review and improve meal plans. 

· Establish systems to better manage    your dining program. 

· Hire and retain better staff.

· Market your dining program.

When you understand your dining program, you become a better leader, able to make your residents and your management happier. On top of that, potential residents will be curious to know what it is that makes your community so popular.


You have the opportunity to ensure that an SDA training comes to your area. 

Minimum requirements of 25 participants needed for each training. 

Please contact us to learn more. Email us at or call us at 980-434-1114