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The web is now the world’s most effective communications medium. We help you make it yours, too. The SDA gives you a variety of opportunities to get your message out through advertising and sponsorships. Let us put you in front of the world’s most valuable senior dining audience.


Website, Newsletter & Email


How do you want to use your advertising budget: serving ads to people who may or may not be interested in what you have to offer, or putting your message in front of the senior dining industry’s most valuable audience? 

E-Newsletter - SDA News

The SDA’s e-newsletter puts you in the inboxes of over 700 senior dining professionals throughout the United States and beyond. If you have a product or service you want potential customers to know about, this is the place to be.  All ads include url link. 

Banner Ad Premium Placement (top of newsletter below SDA graphic)

Cost: $600 per issue

Size: 300 x 250 px 

Box Ad with Content  

Cost $500 per issue

Size: 300 x 250 px

Content: 50 words 

Banner or Box Ad only

Cost $425 per issue 


Box: 300 x 250 px

SDA Innovation Showcase email

Do you have a product/service that you want the senior dining industry to see? This is a great cost-effective way to promote your business. All we need is your materials and we can send it to our 3,000+ contacts.  

Sponsorship Cost: $1,500 

Banner Ad within SDA Original Content

SDA develops original content monthly which is visible to the entire senior living industry. Increase your brand awareness and support our content with a banner ad in a SDA article or article series on the same subject.  Banner ad includes url link.

Banner Ad: $450 per article

Size - 760 x 100px 

SDA Website Banner Ad

 By focusing on the SDA websites— & you guarantee that your readers are in your target audience and understand the importance of what you have to offer. All ads include url link to your website.

Premium Placement Banner Ad

Cost: 1 Month    $675 (30 days)

           3 Months  $1,950

           6 Months  $3,900

        12 Months  $7,200

Size: 1600 x 120

Website Box Ad 

Cost: 1 Month    $475 (30 days)

           3 Months  $1,350

           6 Months  $2,700

        12 Months  $4,800

Size: 250 x 450


Webinar Options


Webinar Sponsorships

Show your support of the SDA and sponsor an SDA educational webinar. Options include sponsoring an upcoming webinar or hosting your own content education or product webinar. 

Webinars are always free for SDA members! 

SDA Webinar - Brand Recognition Sponsorship

Sponsor an upcoming SDA webinar with our content. Sponsorship includes: brand on webinar registration page with url link, brand on event advertising, brand on opening webinar slide & closing slide, one self-designed PPT slide at the beginning of the webinar with 90 second speaking opportunity and  introduction of speaker.

Webinar Sponsorship: $1,250 

SDA Showcase Webinar: Senior Dining Products & Services

The SDA Showcase Webinar is a great opportunity for you to connect with industry professionals around the country who are actively looking for industry solutions. This webinar is designed for only four businesses participating in a 60-minute webinar, with an allotted time of 12 minutes to showcase your stuff. This webinar is complementary to the public. List of attendees are included.

Webinar Sponsorship: $1,250 per organization

2020 Monthly Themes

January: Technology Solutions

February: Food Manufacturers (Center of the Plate)

March: Equipment & Smallwares

April: Pre-Conference Teaser (Open Session)

May: GPO’S, Food Distributors and Brokers

June: Food Manufacturers (Snacks, Appetizers & Desserts)

July: Kitchen Design & Remodel Services

August: Table-Top & Front of the House

September: Food Manufactures (Holiday Food Promotions)

October: Technology Solutions

November: Beverages – Coffee to Cocktails and more...

December: Food Safety/Sanitation, Linen and Maintenance

Sponsored Content Webinar : Your Content, Your Way!

We host, your content your way!  Let the SDA host and get the word out via social media for your webinar. Are you a subject matter expert? Does your organization have new innovation or research for senior dining professionals that you want to share? If so, then this will be the perfect platform for you.  List of attendees are included. 

Sponsors can ask  2 - 3 questions/polls during the webinar.  

Webinar Sponsorship: $2,000  

Webinar (Free to Public): $3,000 


Rates are effective for 2019. 15% premium for business that are not SDA Industry Partners.

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