Hospitality Awareness for the Senior Housing Industry


It's All About The Food!

The SDA will be making a push in the coming year for increased involvement in the larger hospitality industry and greater visibility within it.  


Educating the Future Senior Housing Hospitality Professionals

Needless to say, increased visibility for senior dining will benefit your recruitment efforts by greatly expanding the pool of potential applicants.


Awareness Campaign



We in senior dining have a problem: We’re being overlooked by the greater hospitality industry. 

People working in hotels and restaurants are far more likely to see senior dining as part of the healthcare world rather than the hospitality world. As a result, we’re losing out on many talented professionals who would otherwise be well suited for senior dining.

Senior dining is hospitality. One of our most important jobs here at the Senior Dining Association is to make this clear to our colleagues in the hotel and restaurant world. Please join us as we introduce young chefs and other food service professionals to the untapped opportunities that await them in senior dining.

We will tackle this job on multiple fronts, including going to restaurant industry trade shows and talking with culinary school students and graduates. 

We will also develop an awareness campaign that makes liberal use of social media. 

Our goal at the SDA is to bring the senior dining industry together as one voice advocating for our industry. Recruiting for dining programs in the senior housing industry needs serious work. Let’s make it better together.

It Takes A Village

We need the support from all providers & operators to raise funds to support the awareness campaign. 

Sponsorship opportunities are available. 

Please contact us today to get involved!

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Awareness Campaign